Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Oh it's been sooo long since I've posted a blog! Things have been pretty darn good lately especially since it's starting to be fall. I Absolutely love fall it's by far my most favorite time of year. I love that it's the begining of the holidays, the smells, the cool weather, the changing leaves, carving pumpkins,the fact that I can wear all my sweaters and scarves ahh geez i just love it all!

Today Blake and I went to Zion to go hiking and it was sooo fun! Neither of us have been hiking for a really long time and never really together so it was a good experience we shared as a couple. We packed a little picnic and left around noone. The drive up was really nice, we drove through Hurricane and LaVerkin so I got to show him some different places and talk about where I grew up. We decided to hike the Emerald pools which is about a one to two hour hike. We took the shuttle up and headed out on the trail. The weather was really good so that made it all that much better. We noticed that we were probably the minority of people that were from Utah but it was fun to hear all of the different accents and languages even though we couldn't understand anything they were saying! I loved how nice the weather was there was just a breeze so it felt almost chilly but not quite. It was fun to get out in nature and spend some quality time with Blake and share a new experience together. I'm excited for everything the future holds and all of the experiences we will share! That's all for now.... I'll really try to update more things have just been so busy lately.

Here are just a few pictures from our day in Zions National Park

The lower Emerald pool (they were all pretty dried up)

The middle Emerald Pool

The Upper Emerald Pool

The Trail

Snapped a Couple shots of us too!


~~ said...
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Jodi Ludlow said...

It's about time you posted! j/k. Sounds like you had fun at Zions. I miss that place,we used to go their all the time when we lived in Hurricane.