Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a fun day in the sun!

Yesterday was such a fun day. We decided to go fourwheeling, it was Blake, myself, Lyndsie and Blakes little brother Jacob. It was such a perfect day for riding. The weather was nice it stayed right around 65 degrees the whole day. We went out to Silver Reef and up to Oak Grove then down to Babylon Mills. Blake and Jacob have never been out there before so it was really fun showing them all of the old mines that have been barred up. Lyndsie and I have been out there tons because that's where my dad used to take us all the time. Theres this old Catholic Cemetary out there that was built in the early 1800's. Alot of the headstones say unknown because back then alot of people died in the mines and they would just bury the bodies, because they were burnt up or just unrecognizable. We also saw some cool petroglyphs. It was a really fun day, except for on the way back I got a bee sting. I think that was my first bee sting ever! I hope it's my last too. It hurt so bad. I was driving and i felt a stinging and kind of burning on my neck and it got worse so I stopped and my sister was like "Oh my gosh theres a bee on you!" So after screaming forever we finally got it off but it left it's little stinger in there. Lyndsie pulled it out and it started swelling, But by the time we got home it was pretty much gone. Overall we had a blast. I'm loving this amazing weather I'm not looking forward to the horrible heat however! I'm sure summer will be fun though. I posted just a few pics. of our day below.


horsinaround said...

Chelsea, you are darling! Cool Blog!

Liz said...

that looks pretty cool