Sunday, February 22, 2009

Little Cowboy

We've had my nephews at our house alot lately and they are so funny! Weston is so into his cowboy boots and cowboy hat we had to go to the doctor the other day and he insisted on wearing both to the doctor! It was cute. He is talking so much and he is really starting to understand what were talking about which is fun because he carries on conversations now. Wyatt is kind of in his terrible twos, he does whatever you tell him not to do and he always asks why? to everything we say. They are quite a handful but really fun to have over. Here are a few pictures of them


Brad and Jodi Ludlow said...

Cute Pictures! I remember when Tyler was that little, He's got cute boys! They are lucky to have you guys!!

The Ludlow Family said...

Cute pictures and cute blog Chelsie! I am glad that I can come here and see you guys and what you are up too. Love you guys!

Shay Harvey said...

Chels!! I love your blog it's so cute!! I just started blogging and I love it!! It's so much fun!! and no I don't mind you stalking me!!

p.s. You are so gorgeous it's ridiculous!!