Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Needles and more needles!

So I went to the doctor today and I had to get not one... not two.... not even ten.... but fifteen trigger injection shots today. I have been having headaches for years, and they aren't just headaches, they are a constant pain, that has been causing me complete frustration. For the past couple weeks I've been having about two a day! I have gone through months of chiropractic therapy, physical therapy, pain meds, I've had CT scans and even been admitted into the ER, I just can't get them to stop! So my family doctor referred me to a spine and rehab specialist. He thought trigger injections would be a different route and hopefully a stop to the Madness! So I went in pretty nervous however he prescribed me some medicine to take prior to the procedure to calm my nerves, because I'm not a big fan of any kind of needle! Anyways, I went in there thinking maybe five or six shots would surely do it, but oh did I have another thing coming! 15!!! I had four shots in my head, five on the right side of my upper right shoulder, four on my upper left shoulder and two at the base of my neck. It was so painful! I didn't cry while he was putting them in, but the second he left the room the tears came. I came home and put a heating pad on and that helped a little, he said it would take a couple days for the Cortizone to kick in so we will see, hopefully this will be a success I am so sick of my head hurting! On a lighter note, I decided to start a dental assisting program. It takes three weeks and I will get my X-ray certification. I'm hoping that I can work in a dentists office during the summer and when school starts I'm hoping to work mornings and early afternoons so I can still take classes at the college in the evening. I'm really excited to start the class! I think it will be something new and different from the jobs I've had before. It will also really give me some insite to see if dentistry is what I really want to go into. So We will see how everything goes!

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